In the realm of vision correction and eye care, contact lenses have emerged as versatile innovations, transforming not only the way people see the world but also contributing to therapeutic breakthroughs. While they have been a popular option for correcting refractive error for many years, new developments and enhancements in technology has seen them become incredibly useful in other medical applications.

Orthokeratology - Reshaping Vision Overnight

Orthokeratology lenses, often known as ortho-k lenses, have gained prominence as a non-surgical solution for myopia control. These lenses are worn overnight to reshape the cornea temporarily, providing wearers with clear vision during the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Evidence has shown that wearing ortho-k lenses overnight helps to reduce the impact of myopia and long term eyesight problems which can begin early in childhood. For ortho k lenses, Perth’s Abernethy Owens is here to help. Book an appointment today.

Scleral Lenses - Managing Corneal Irregularities

Scleral lenses, larger and more specialised than traditional contacts, are used to manage corneal irregularities. Made of gas-permeable material, they vault over the cornea, creating a protective reservoir of fluid that can alleviate discomfort associated with conditions like keratoconus or severe dry eye. Scleral lenses are valuable if your corneas are abnormally shaped, as in corneal astigmatism and keratoconus.

Therapeutic Bandage Lenses - Promoting Healing

In cases of corneal abrasions or injuries, therapeutic bandage lenses can act as a protective barrier, promoting healing and reducing discomfort. Designed to offer relief of ocular pain, promotion of corneal healing, as well as protection and support, these lenses offer a gentle and effective approach to support the eye's natural healing process. Your optometrist will advise if and when bandage contact lenses are suitable.

Medicated Lenses - Treating Ocular Conditions

Ocular medication delivery is traditionally achieved through eye drops, and often requires frequent dosing to achieve therapeutic concentrations. Unfortunately, frequent dosing may be inconvenient, expensive, and can lead to patient noncompliance. To overcome these limitations, new delivery systems and devices are currently being explored and it has been suggested that therapeutic lenses may be suitable for controlled and sustainable drug delivery. Medicated lenses, while still a new innovation, are being designed to release specific medications gradually, providing targeted treatment for various ocular conditions including glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and corneal infections.

Contact Lenses for a Clearer Future

Contact lenses have transcended their initial role as optical aids to become transformative tools in the realm of eye care. As new frontiers in vision correction and eye health continue to be explored, the future looks clearer and brighter, guided by the innovative potential of these small but mighty optical wonders.

To learn more about the different types of contact lenses, their benefits, and see which might work best for your vision and eye health needs, consult your trusted eye care professional.

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